Thu 10/6/22JUSTIN
Rein Work: Open Futurity Prelims Oct 6 & 7 (Sets 1-13, Sets 14-25)

Sat 10/8/22COLISEUM
Herd Work: Non Pro Boxing Futurity (Settle @12:40)Herd Work: Open Hackamore ClassicJUSTIN
Rodear Cow Dog Finals

Sun 10/9/22JUSTIN
Rein / Cow Work: Non Pro Bridle / INPB / LNPB / SNPB

Mon 10/10/22COLISEUM
Herd Work: Non Pro Hackamore ClassicJUSTIN
Rein Work: Non Pro Boxing FuturityOpen Bridle PrelimsNRCHA Professionals Meeting (Inside Sale Arena)

Tue 10/11/22COLISEUM
Herd Work: Non Pro Boxing Hackamore ClassicJUSTIN
Rein / Cow Work: Open Hackamore Classic / L1 HC / OH Prelims / IOH / LOH

Wed 10/12/22JUSTIN
Rein Work: Non Pro Futurity PrelimsCow Work: Non Pro Boxing FuturityRein / Cow Work: Open Bridle Finals

Thu 10/13/22COLISEUM
Herd Work: Open Futurity PrelimsJUSTIN
Rein / Cow Work: Non Pro Hackamore Classic / NPHRein / Cow Work: Non Pro Boxing Hackamore Classic

Fri 10/14/22JUSTIN
Rein / Cow Work: Youth Cow Horse / YCH 13 & UnderRein / Cow Work: Intermediate / Limited Non Pro Boxing / SNPBX**Rein / Cow Work: Non Pro Two Rein

Sat 10/15/22JUSTIN
Rein / Cow Work: Youth Boxing / YBX 13 & UnderRein / Cow Work: Non Pro Boxing / SNPBX**

Sun 10/16/22Herd Work: Non Pro Futurity PrelimsJUSTIN
Cowboy Church (During Lunch Break inside Sale Arena)Rein / Cow Work: Open Two ReinRein / Cow Work: Box Drive (Following the Non Pro Futurity Herd Work)Rein / Cow Work: Open Hackamore Finals

Mon 10/17/22Cow Work: Open Futurity Prelims

Tue 10/18/22Cow Work: Non Pro Futurity Prelims

Wed 10/19/22Cowboy Class: Rein/CowCowboy Class: Steer2-Year-Old Sale Preview (Will be held in the Watt Arena @10AM)Snaffle Bit Futurity Draw Party (Held inside the Round Up Inn @6:30PM)

Thu 10/20/22Finals Herd Work: Intermediate / Limited Open (Settle @8:30)Finals Herd Work: OpenFinals Herd Work: Non ProARHFA Rope Horse Futurity (Day 1)

Fri 10/21/22Finals Rein Work: Non Pro (Tentative 2PM Start)Finals Rein Work: Intermediate / Limited OpenFinals Cow Work: Non ProFinals Cow Work: Intermediate / Limited Open

Sat 10/22/22Finals Rein Work: OpenFinals Cow Work: Open