Center Ranch Dispersal Sale

Lot Year Horse Owner Sex Sire Dam Score
50012001DUALIN BOONCenter RanchSDual ReyBoon San Acre
50022011CR HIGHLIGHTCenter RanchSHigh Brow CatShortys Starlight
50032001WOODY BE TUFFCenter RanchSNitas WoodTuffs Junie
50042009MERCEDES SMOOTHECenter RanchMSmooth As A CatCDs Masterpiece
50052020CR MERCEDES TUFFCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffMercedes Smoothe
50062020CR DUAL SMOOTHECenter RanchMDualin BoonMercedes Smoothe
50072021CR LIGHT N SMOOTHCenter RanchSCR HighlightMercedes Smoothe
50082021CR MERCEDES REYSCenter RanchMDual ReyishMercedes Smoothe
50092021CR SMOOTHE REYSCenter RanchMDual ReyishMercedes Smoothe
50102021CR WOOD SHE B SMOOTHCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffMercedes Smoothe
50112021CR TUFF SMOOTHE KINGCenter RanchSWoody Be TuffMercedes Smoothe
50122021CR SMOOTH DUALIN REYCenter RanchSDual ReyishMercedes Smoothe
50132021CR BOONIN N DA BENZCenter RanchSDualin BoonMercedes Smoothe
50142022EMBRYOCenter RanchWoody Be TuffMercedes Smoothe
50152022EMBRYOCenter RanchCR HighlightMercedes Smoothe
50162022EMBRYOCenter RanchCR HighlightMercedes Smoothe
50172009CATS BOONOLENACenter RanchMHigh Brow CatPeptolena Lucinda
50182020CR DUALIN BOONSCenter RanchSDualin BoonCats Boonolena
50192020CR DUAL CATS OLENACenter RanchMDualin BoonCats Boonolena
50202020CR TUFFOLENA WOODCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffCats Boonolena
50212020CR TUFF BOOMIN CATCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffCats Boonolena
50222020CR TUFF BOONOLENACenter RanchMWoody Be TuffCats Boonolena
50232020CR TUFF TABOOLENACenter RanchMWoody Be TuffCats Boonolena
50242021CR BOON BOON CATCenter RanchMDualin BoonCats Boonolena
50252021CR HIGH OLENACenter RanchMCR HighlightCats Boonolena
50262021CR CATS REYISH DUALCenter RanchSDual ReyishCats Boonolena
50272021CR TUFF BEING A CATCenter RanchSWoody Be TuffCats Boonolena
50282022EMBRYOCenter RanchCR HighlightCats Boonolena
50292022EMBRYOCenter RanchWoody Be TuffCats Boonolena
50302022EMBRYOCenter RanchDualin BoonCats Boonolena
50312015ROYAL RED BROWCenter RanchMHigh Brow CatTootsie Rey
50322022EMBRYOCenter RanchWoody Be TuffRoyal Red Brow
50332022EMBRYOCenter RanchCool N HotRoyal Red Brow
50342016CR TUFF DIGGIN CATCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffCat Digs Lucinda
50352022EMBRYOCenter RanchDualin BoonCR Tuff Diggin Cat
50362004SARAHS SUPER CATCenter RanchMHigh Brow CatSarahs Super Dually
50372020CR CATTY BE TUFFCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffSarahs Super Cat
50382020CR TUFFS BE SUPERCenter RanchSWoody Be TuffSarahs Super Cat
50392020CR TUFF CATCenter RanchSWoody Be TuffSarahs Super Cat
50402020CR SUPER DUPER TUFFCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffSarahs Super Cat
50412021CR SUPER LIGHTCenter RanchSCR HighlightSarahs Super Cat
50422021CR TUFF SUPER FLYCenter RanchSWoody Be TuffSarahs Super Cat
50432021CR REYZIN CASH CATCenter RanchSReyzin The CashSarahs Super Cat
50442021CR CATTY FOR CASHCenter RanchSReyzin The CashSarahs Super Cat
50452021CR REYS CATTYCenter RanchSDual ReyishSarahs Super Cat
50462022EMBRYOCenter RanchDual ReyishSarahs Super Cat
50472022EMBRYOCenter RanchWoody Be TuffSarahs Super Cat
50482022EMBRYOCenter RanchWoody Be TuffSarahs Super Cat
50492022EMBRYOCenter RanchDualin BoonSarahs Super Cat
50502008CR SUN REYSCenter RanchMDual ReyPlay Peek A Boon
50512020CR SUNLIGHT REYCenter RanchSCR HighlightCR Sun Reys
50522021CR SUNNY D LIGHTCenter RanchMCR HighlightCR Sun Reys
50532021CR TUFF SUN OF A GUNCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffCR Sun Reys
50542004ARC CATTY DUALCenter RanchMDual PepCat Mist
50552020CR HI DUAL LIGHTNINCenter RanchSCR HighlightARC Catty Dual
50562020CR TUFF PEPCenter RanchSWoody Be TuffARC Catty Dual
50572021CR CATTY LIGHTSCenter RanchMCR HighlightARC Catty Dual
50582021CR CATTY REYSCenter RanchSDual ReyishARC Catty Dual
50592021CR DUALLY TUFF CATCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffARC Catty Dual
50602022EMBRYOCenter RanchReyzin The CashARC Catty Dual
50612022EMBRYOCenter RanchWoody Be TuffARC Catty Dual
50622004CAT DIGS LUCINDACenter RanchMHigh Brow CatLenas Lucinda
50632020CR WOODY DIGS TUFFCenter RanchSWoody Be TuffCat Digs Lucinda
50642021CR DIG N THIS HIGHCenter RanchMCR HighlightCat Digs Lucinda
50652021CR LUCI DIG METALLICCenter RanchMMetallic CatCat Digs Lucinda
50662021CR LUCI DEL REYCenter RanchMDual ReyishCat Digs Lucinda
50672015CR TUFF TABOOCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffCats Boonolena
50682022EMBRYOCenter RanchCR HighlightCR Tuff Taboo
50692001FANCY FROSTINACenter RanchMSmart Little LenaSPL Altisimo
50702021CR LIGHT YOUR FANCYCenter RanchSCR HighlightFancy Frostina
50712022EMBRYOCenter RanchWoody Be TuffCR High Brow Letha
50722020CR HIGHBROWS TUFFCenter RanchSWoody Be TuffCR High Brow Letha
50732020CR HIGH N TUFFCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffCR High Brow Letha
50742020CR TUFF BROWS LETHACenter RanchMWoody Be TuffCR High Brow Letha
50752021CR REYS YA BROWCenter RanchSDual ReyishCR High Brow Letha
50762021CR LIGHT EM UPCenter RanchSCR HighlightCR High Brow Letha
50772021CR HIGHWAY TO TUFFCenter RanchSWoody Be TuffCR High Brow Letha
50782020CR ROYAL LIGHTSCenter RanchSCR HighlightCee Dee Royal Tee
50792020CR ROYAL HIGHLIGHTCenter RanchSCR HighlightCee Dee Royal Tee
50802020CR CD BOON TEECenter RanchSDualin BoonCee Dee Royal Tee
50812020CR ROYALLY BOONCenter RanchMDualin BoonCee Dee Royal Tee
50822009CR TUFF HEARTED CATCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffCR Cats Meow
50832020CR TUFFS BOONEYCenter RanchMDualin BoonCR Tuff Hearted Cat
50842021CR SHES TUFF HEARTEDCenter RanchMCR HighlightCR Tuff Hearted Cat
50852021CR TUFF BOONDOCKSCenter RanchSDualin BoonCR Tuff Hearted Cat
50862021CR REYZN TUFF HEARTSCenter RanchSDual ReyishCR Tuff Hearted Cat
50872022EMBRYOCenter RanchCR HighlightCR Tuff Hearted Cat
50882010SWEET METALLICCenter RanchMMetallic CatSweet Abra
50892020CR METALLIC BOONCenter RanchMDualin BoonSweet Metallic
50902020CR SWEET LIGHTSCenter RanchMCR HighlightSweet Metallic
50912020CR ABRAS TUFFCenter RanchSWoody Be TuffSweet Metallic
50922020CR METALLIC TUFFNESSCenter RanchSWoody Be TuffSweet Metallic
50932020CR METALLICA TUFFCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffSweet Metallic
50942021CR SWEET BABY REYSCenter RanchMDual ReyishSweet Metallic
50952021CR REYZIN SWEETNESSCenter RanchSReyzin The CashSweet Metallic
50962021CR GOTCHA SWEETNESSCenter RanchMCR Gotcha CoveredSweet Metallic
50972021CR TUFF N SALTYCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffSweet Metallic
50982020CR LEGALLY TUFFCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffSmart Letha
50992021CR LETHA BE TUFFCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffSmart Letha
51002020CR SHORTYS TUFF LENACenter RanchMWoody Be TuffSweet Shorty Lena
51012020CR TUFFS LAST SHORTYCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffSweet Shorty Lena
51022020CR LIGHT N SWEETCenter RanchMCR HighlightSweet Shorty Lena
51032003LUCINDAS CATOLENACenter RanchMHigh Brow CatLenas Lucinda
51042020CR TUFF CAT N LENACenter RanchSWoody Be TuffLucindas Catolena
51052020CR TUFF CAT LUCYCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffLucindas Catolena
51062020CR TUFFEST CATOLENACenter RanchSWoody Be TuffLucindas Catolena
51072021CR WOODYS TUFF CATCenter RanchSWoody Be TuffLucindas Catolena
51082020CR TUFF SWISS BEATZCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffSwiss Cat Pepto
51092020CR TUFF TAZZYCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffMizz Savannah Taz
51102020CR LIGHTS BE TUFFCenter RanchMCR HighlightCR Ohtobetuffnhumble
51112020CR LOOKN SMART BOONCenter RanchMDualin BoonCR Lookin Tuff
51122020CR TUFFEST CALIECenter RanchMWoody Be TuffCalie Del Rey
51132020CR HIGHLIGHTS REYCenter RanchSCR HighlightCalie Del Rey
51142020CR TUFF DELA REYNACenter RanchMWoody Be TuffCalie Del Rey
51152020CR REYS HIGHLIGHTCenter RanchSCR HighlightCalie Del Rey
51162020CR TUFF GEORGE REYCenter RanchSWoody Be TuffCalie Del Rey
51172021CR TUFF TO BE BLACKCenter RanchMWoody Be TuffBlackish
Scores Key: BubbleOfficialUnofficial