Rose Valley Ranch Reduction Sale

Lot Year Horse Owner Sex Sire Dam -
12004SPECIAL NU KITTYRose Valley RanchMHigh Brow CatNu I Wood
22017GOTACHANGEUREVILWAYSRose Valley RanchMKit Kat SugarWicked Wanda Rey
32019SHES WICKED HOTTRose Valley RanchMHottishWicked Wanda Rey
42017HEAVY ARTILLEREYRose Valley RanchGKit Kat SugarWicked Wanda Rey
52019NOREYSTFORTHEWICKEDRose Valley RanchSHigh Brow CatWicked Wanda Rey
62018LIL WICKED ONERose Valley RanchMStevie Rey VonWicked Wanda Rey
72009WICKED WANDA REYRose Valley RanchMDual ReyA Little Bit Wicked
82019A LIL REYSQUERose Valley RanchMBoon Too SuenWicked Wanda Rey
92016JON WICKRose Valley RanchGDual Smart ReyCat O Connor
102019IM MOVIN ONRose Valley RanchMBoon Too SuenCatsa Movin
112018A HOUSTON SOLUTIONRose Valley RanchGMetallic CatBet On Houston
122019BETT IT ALLRose Valley RanchMStevie Rey VonBet On Houston
132018CATTIN IN HOUSTONRose Valley RanchGCatty HawkBet On Houston
142019MOVE IT R LOSE ITRose Valley RanchSBoon Too SuenCatsa Movin
152019SAVEDTHEBESTFERLASTRose Valley RanchMMetallic CatBet On Houston
162018LILY VON SHTUPPRose Valley RanchMStevie Rey VonBet On Houston
172019RAINING ON SUENDAYRose Valley RanchMBoon Too SuenQuite The Cat
182002CAT O CONNORRose Valley RanchMHigh Brow CatPlayboys Vixen
192017PANDORAS CATRose Valley RanchMBoon Too SuenCat O Connor
202019THE HUSTLERose Valley RanchSDocs Stylish OakCat O Connor
212018SHEZA BAD MAMA JAMARose Valley RanchMBoon Too SuenCat O ConnorOUT
222019IM IN HOTT WATERRose Valley RanchSHottishCat O Connor
232018SHES OUR BEST BETRose Valley RanchMMetallic CatBet On Houston
242010CATS PRETTY LADYRose Valley RanchMHigh Brow CatMiss Stylish Pepto
252018CATTY SHAQUERose Valley RanchGCatty HawkBet On Houston
262019IN THE HOTT SEATRose Valley RanchSHottishHolly Is Smooth
272018TWISTED MISTERRose Valley RanchGBoon Too SuenARC Cat N The Mist
282019LASTDANCEWMARYJANERose Valley RanchMReyzin The CashJane Says
292016LITTLE RUBY CATRose Valley RanchMHigh Brow CatARC Little Rubylena
302019JAYNE DOERose Valley RanchMBoon Too SuenJane Says
312016SMOKIN QUITE A BITRose Valley RanchMDual R SmokinQuite The Cat
322019SLIK WILLIERose Valley RanchSReyzin The CashJane Says
332017VEREY SPECIALRose Valley RanchGDual ReySpecial Nu Kitty
342019GOTTA WEAR SHADEZRose Valley RanchSStevie Rey VonFifty Shadez Of Bay
352018SHES SPOT ONRose Valley RanchMSpots HotCats Pretty Lady
362019CANDY FROM A BAY BAYRose Valley RanchMBoon Too SuenFifty Shadez Of Bay
372018WHENTHEGOINGETSTUFFRose Valley RanchGWoody Be TuffJane Says
382010JANE SAYSRose Valley RanchMHigh Brow CatMiss Merada
392017GIMME A LYFTRose Valley RanchMMetallic CatBet On Houston
402019JAYNIES GOT A GUNRose Valley RanchMBoon Too SuenJane Says
412007SLY PLAYGIRLRose Valley RanchMThat Sly CatTaquitas Playgirl
422019THE GUNSLYNGERRose Valley RanchSHigh Brow CatSly Playgirl
432018LETS BE REYZINABLERose Valley RanchMReyzin The CashSuen You Will See
442019SLYPPERY WHEN WETRose Valley RanchSHigh Brow CatSly Playgirl
452019REYD ME MY RIGHTSRose Valley RanchSStevie Rey VonSly Playgirl
462019SLYNG BLADERose Valley RanchSHigh Brow CatSly Playgirl
472019A SLY SITUATIONRose Valley RanchSHigh Brow CatSly Playgirl
482017SHES O SO STYLISHRose Valley RanchMDocs Stylish OakCat O Connor
492019SLYTLY SOPHISTICATEDRose Valley RanchMHigh Brow CatSly Playgirl
502019TOO SLY TO GET BYRose Valley RanchSBoon Too SuenSly Playgirl
512013CATTYS HOPERose Valley RanchMCatty HawkTornados Rey Of Hope
522019HOPES N ASPIRATIONSRose Valley RanchMHottishCattys Hope
532019DONT STOPP BAYLIEVINRose Valley RanchSDont Stopp BelievinFifty Shadez Of Bay
542017KEEPIN IT ON THE SLYRose Valley RanchGSmooth As A CatSly Playgirl
552019WAY TOO SHADEYRose Valley RanchSBoon Too SuenFifty Shadez Of Bay
562010RUBY TUESDAYS JEWELRose Valley RanchMHigh Brow CatRuby Tuesday DNA
572019HAVIN HOTT FLASHESRose Valley RanchMHottishRuby Tuesdays Jewel
582019IM HOOKED ON DECALFRose Valley RanchSStevie Rey VonRuby Tuesdays Jewel
592018RED ISHRose Valley RanchGHottishRuby Tuesdays Jewel
602019CATS OUTA THE BAGRose Valley RanchSBoon Too SuenCat O Connor
612019THE BOONANZARose Valley RanchSBoon Too SuenCat O Connor
622018SHEZA SLY CENTERFOLDRose Valley RanchMDual Smart ReySly Playgirl
632019THEWHOLECATNCABOODLERose Valley RanchMBoon Too SuenCat O Connor
642017JANES ADDIKTIONRose Valley RanchMDual PepJane Says
652018MARGERITA ON THE ROXRose Valley RanchMSmooth Talkin StyleStylish Martini
Scores Key: BubbleOfficialUnofficial
Marka Shorty
1999 Mare
Tagging It
2019 Stallion
Test My Metal - hip no. 2059
2018 Stallion
2020 Platinum 7H
Hot Candid Cat
2019 Stallion
Sparkle & Shine Window Cleaning Services Lil Metallic Cat
2011 Stallion
Hez All Cat
2009 Gelding
2019 Stallion
Im To Fancy
2018 Mare
Petunia Picklebottom
2019 Mare
Kings Tally Cat
2018 Stallion
Shesa Stevie
2019 Mare
Vallejo III Inc.
Smart Little Richie
2008 Gelding
Cruise N Smooth
2013 Gelding
152 AC Cutting Horse Facility
Unique Horse Property
Ima Lil High
2009 Mare
Rebel Heart
2019 Mare
Pecos Pete
2019 Stallion
2016 Mare
Incandescent Light
2018 Mare
Kings Tally Cat
2018 Stallion
Boon San Jesse
2011 Gelding
2020 Platinum 4 Horse LQ
Vintage Western T-Shirts - Christmas Gift Ideas!!!YOUNG N ICHI
2019 Mare
Trashed N Church
2019 Mare
12 Acre Horse Property
Fantastic Roany Tag
2020 Stallion
Perfect Training Facility ➖Lipan, TX➖22 miles from Weatherford
2019 Mare
Black Elephant High Top
Memories Of Wendel
2017 Mare
2019 Mare
Ranch Pony Maria
2011 Mare
Ima Rey Cat
2014 Gelding
Hott Bet
2016 Mare
Metrona Cat
2018 Stallion
Kat Calls
2018 Gelding
Smooth Like Sue
2013 Mare
2019 Mare
2017 Mare
Rey More Heat
2019 Stallion
22.26 Acre Horse Ranch Graham,
Tricks on you
2012 Gelding
2014 Gelding
Custom Outlaw 4 Horse w/Slide
Dark Side Of A Boon
2016 Mare
Smart n Magnetic
2017 Gelding
Metallic Bonus
2016 Gelding
R Bet Shesa One Time HOMOZYGUS FILLY!!!
2020 Mare
2007 4-horsePriced to Sell ➖ 45.96 Acres Weatherford, TX ➖Indoor Arena
2018 Stallion
2019 Gelding
Quite A Catty Lady
2016 Mare
Purr N Hott - hip no. 5092
2019 Mare
What Wood You Give
2015 Mare
Love Me One Time
2017 Mare
Mamas Smooth N Sassy
2012 Mare
All Cat N No Play
2019 Mare
Little Boon Pep
2016 Mare
Blue Rey
2008 Mare
Stylish Guy Whitch
2016 Gelding
One Can Dream
2019 Mare
40.8 Acre Ranch Weatherford
18oz Campfire Mug
The Royal Teaspoon
2018 Gelding
2018 Stallion
2017 Gelding
2016 Gelding
One Time Salena
2020 Mare
66 Acres Grandview, TX
Haverty Ranch
Red Pollard
2017 Gelding
Miss Highbrow Rollz
2020 Mare
Breast Cancer Awareness CR Western Pro Hot Pink Shirt
Once in a Boon Rey
2020 Stallion
Turnbow 2H2016 Bay Mare Jasmin Blu
2016 Mare
Cuttin@calivinallen Show Pad
Chris Cox Horsemanship Fclty.
Bet Shes Blessed
2019 Mare
G Wagon
2019 Stallion
Stevies Candy
2019 Mare
Smooth As A G
2019 Stallion
60 Acre ESMS on the Brazos
Blue Bell
2019 Mare
Vintage Navy Hoodies by At First Sight Studio
Boon San Bunny - hip no. 2052
2018 Mare
Hashtag Inky Black
2020 Mare
Awesome High Q
2019 Mare
Stunning Historic Home
Wood He B A CD
2016 Gelding
Metallic Mary
2017 Mare
32.4 Acre Horse Facility
Mr Catsanova
2019 Stallion
2014 Gelding
2019 Stallion
Suen And Very Suen
2019 Mare
2017 Gelding
25 Acre Ranchette
Hot In Ready
2014 Gelding
Miss Gypsy Jackson
2016 Mare
Metallic Cat 2yr Old
2018 Mare
Faith In My Metal
2016 Mare
Just Like Royalty
2015 Gelding
The Gunslynger - hip no 4065
2019 Stallion
Parke That Kat
2014 Gelding
2005 Mare
Highlee Smart Cat
2009 Mare