Past Events


Thu 6/13/19Starts 9am Friday June 14th - 2019

Fri 6/14/192000 Amateur$15 Amateur $100 Added$50 Novice NP/Am $300 AddedSelect $300 AddedOpen $1,000 AddedYouth Jackpot $100$25k Novice $500 Added$5k Novice $100 Added50 Amateur $750 AddedRanch Jackpot $1004YO Open $1000 AddedNon Pro $500 Added4YO NP $500 Added

Sat 6/15/192000 Amateur50 Amateur $750 AddedOpen $1,000 AddedSelect $300 AddedNon Pro $500 AddedYouth Jackpot $1004YO NP $500 Added$25k Novice $500 Added$15 Amateur $100 Added$50 Novice NP/Am $300 Added$5k Novice $100 AddedRanch Jackpot $1004YO Open $1000 Added

Sun 6/16/192000 AmateurNon Pro $500 Added$15 Amateur $100 Added50 Amateur $750 Added$50 Novice NP/Am $300 Added$5k Novice $100 Added$25k Novice $500 AddedRanch Jackpot $100Youth Jackpot $100Select $300 AddedOpen $1,000 Added


Sun 6/9/19LAE Rein Work: All NPLAE Rein Work: All Open


Tue 6/11/19LAE Herd Work: All Open

Wed 6/12/19LAE Rein Work: NP Ltd

Thu 6/13/19LAE Cow Work: NP Ltd LAE Cow Work: All OpenLAE Cow Work: All NP

Fri 6/14/19LAE Herd Work Finals: All OpenLAE Herd Work Finals: All NP

Sat 6/15/19LAE Cow Work Finals: All OpenLAE Rein Work Finals: All NPLAE Rein Work Finals: All Open

Sun 6/16/19LAE Cow Work Finals: All NP

2019 PCCHA Derby

Fri 6/7/19Open & Ltd Open 5/6YO 1st Go/Go

Sat 6/8/19Open & Ltd Open 4YO 1st Go/Go

Sun 6/9/19Open & Int Open 5/6YO 2nd Go/GoOpen & Int Open 4YO 2nd Go/Go

Mon 6/10/19Open 5/6YO FinalsOpen Int 5/6YO FinalsNCHA Open #1NCHA NP #1NCHA $50k Am #1

Tue 6/11/19NCHA $50k Am #2NCHA Open #2Open Int 4YO FinalsOpen 4YO FinalsNP & Ltd NP 5/6YO 1st Go/GoNCHA NP #2

Wed 6/12/19NP & Int NP 5/6YO 2nd Go/GoAm & Ltd Am 5/6YO 1st Go/GoNP & Ltd NP 4YO 1st Go/Go

Thu 6/13/19Am & Ltd Am 4YO 1st Go/GoNCHA NP #3NCHA $50k Am #3NP & Int NP 4YO 2nd Go/GoNCHA Open #3

Fri 6/14/19NP 5/6YO FinalsNP 4YO Finals$5k NCHA $50k Am GoNP Int 5/6YO Finals$10k NCHA Open Go$10 NCHA NP GoNP Int 4YO Finals

Sat 6/15/19$10k NCHA Open FinalsAm & Int Am 4YO 2nd Go/Go$5k NCHA $50k Am Finals$10k NCHA NP FinalsAm & Int Am 5/6YO 2nd Go/Go

Sun 6/16/19Am Ltd 4YO FinalsAm 5/6YO FinalsNP Ltd 5/6YO FinalsAm Ltd 5/6YO FinalsAm Int 4YO FinalsAm Int 5/6YO FinalsNP Ltd 4YO FinalsAm 4YO Finals

2019 The Non Pro + Open

Fri 6/7/19NCHA NP $2k Added GoNCHA Open $2k Added GoNCHA Jr Youth GoNCHA Sr Youth GoNCHA $25k Nov Horse $2750 Added Go

Sat 6/8/194YO OPEN ALL LEVELS 1st GoNCHA Open $1k Added GoNCHA NP $1k Added Go

Sun 6/9/194YO Open Mid Level Finals5/6YO OPEN ALL LEVELS 1st GoNCHA $50k Am $2750 Added Go

Mon 6/10/19NCHA Open $2k Added Go4YO Open FinalsNCHA NP $2k Added Go5/6YO Open Mid Level FinalsNCHA $25k Nov NP $2750 Added Go$35k NP $5k Added 1st Go

Tue 6/11/19$15k Am $3500 Added 1st Go5/6YO Open Finals4YO Open Ltd Finals5/6YO Open Ltd Finals4YO NP ALL Levels 1st Go

Wed 6/12/19$15k Am Finals4YO $50k Am $5k Added 1st Go5/6YO NP Added All Levels 1st Go

Thu 6/13/19NCHA NP $2k Added GoNCHA Open $2k Added Go4YO NP Finals5/6YO NP Mid Level Finals5/6YO $50k Am $5k Added 1st GoSr Select $100k LTE Age 60+ $3500 Added 1st GoNCHA $50K Amateur

Fri 6/14/195/6YO NP Finals5/6YO $50k Am 1st Go4YO $50k Am Finals4YO Un Am $7500 Added 1st Go4YO NP Ltd Finals5/6YO NP Ltd Finals

Sat 6/15/195/6YO Un Am $7500 Added 1st Go$5k Am $3500 Added 1st Go4YO NP Mid Level FinalsNCHA Open $2750 Added GoNCHA NP $2750 Added Go

Sun 6/16/195/6YO $50k Am Finals$5k Am Finals5/6YO Un Am FinalsNCHA Jr & Sr Youth Go4YO Un Am FinalsNCHA Sr Youth GoSr Select $100k Age 60+ Finals

2019 Breeder's Invitational

Sat 5/11/195/6YO Open 1st Go

Sun 5/12/195/6YO Open 2nd Go

Mon 5/13/195/6YO NP & Ltd NP 1st Go5/6YO Open Finals

Tue 5/14/195/6YO NP & Ltd NP 2nd Go5/6YO Un Am & Am 1st Go

Thu 5/16/194YO Un Am & Am 1st Go

Fri 5/17/195/6YO NP Finals

Sat 5/18/194YO Am Finals5/6YO Am Finals4YO Un Am Finals5/6YO Un Am Finals

Sun 5/19/194YO Open & Open 10k 1st Go

Tue 5/21/194YO Open & Open 10k 2nd Go

Wed 5/22/194YO NP/10k NP/Ltd NP 1st Go

Thu 5/23/19BI KIDS Cutting Draw4YO Open 10k Finals

Fri 5/24/194YO Open Wild Card4YO NP/10k NP/Ltd NP 2nd Go4YO NP Wild Card

Sat 5/25/194YO Open Finals4YO 10k NP Finals4YO NP Finals4YO Ltd NP Finals

2019 Cascade Cow Cutters Weekend Show May 10-12

Fri 5/10/19Cascade Cow Cutter Weekend Show No Live Scoring

2019 NORTH STAR CLASSIC -Australia

Thu 4/25/19Meteles Cat $15,000 NoviceKatie B Open Non Pro

Fri 4/26/19Affinity Insurance RookiesSweetPro OpenDave Rogan Saddlery Novice Non ProMLR Equine Supplies Open Classic Challenge

Sat 4/27/19MLR Equine Supplies Open Classic FinalsNRCHC $7,500 Non ProSDM Quarter Horses Non Pro Classic ChallengeEasy On Rugs Snafflebit

Sun 4/28/19Non Pro Classic FinalCinch Australia YouthInterpath 4cyte $15,000 Non Pro

NCHA TEST EVENT - Blocked within 100 Miles of WR

Wed 4/17/19NCHA GEO BLOCKING TEST- Webcast blacked out within 100ml of Will Rogers

2019 NRCHA Stallion Stakes

Sat 3/30/19LAE All Open Rein Work

Sun 3/31/19LAE All Open Herd Work

Mon 4/1/19LAE Ltd. NP Herd WorkLAE NP Herd Work

Tue 4/2/19LAE Ltd. NP Rein WorkHorse Show Classes - NO LIVESCORINGLAE NP Rein Work

Wed 4/3/19LAE Ltd. NP Cow WorkLAE NP Cow WorkLAE All Open Cow Work

Fri 4/5/19LAE All NP Herd Work FinalsLAE All Open Herd Work Finals

Sat 4/6/19LAE All Open Rein Work FinalsLAE All Open Cow Work FinalsLAE All NP Cow Work FinalsLAE All NP Rein Work Finals

2019 NCHA Super Stakes

Thu 3/28/195/6YO Open/Ltd. 1st Go

Sat 3/30/195/6YO Open 2nd Go

Sun 3/31/194YO Open/Ltd. 1st Go

Wed 4/3/194YO Open 2nd Go

Thu 4/4/195/6YO Ltd. Open Finals

Fri 4/5/194YO Open Semifinals

Sat 4/6/195/6YO Open Finals4YO Open Finals

Sun 4/7/194YO Ltd. Open Finals5/6YO NP/Ltd. 1st Go

Tue 4/9/195/6YO NP 2nd Go

Wed 4/10/194YO NP/Ltd. 1st Go

Thu 4/11/195/6YO Ltd. NP Finals

Fri 4/12/194YO NP 2nd Go

Sat 4/13/194YO NP Semifinals5/6YO NP Finals4YO Ltd. NP Finals

Sun 4/14/194YO NP Finals5/6YO Un Am/Am 1st Go

Wed 4/17/194YO Un Am/Am 1st Go

Fri 4/19/195/6YO Un Am Semifinals5/6YO Am Finals

Sat 4/20/194YO Un Am Finals4YO Am Finals5/6YO Un Am Finals

WCHA Ardmore, OK Weekend Show

Fri 3/8/19ALL Weekend Shows NO LIVESCORING

2019 NCHA Eastern Nationals

Mon 3/4/19$25,000 Novice 1st Go

Tue 3/5/19$5,000 Novice 1st$25,000 Novice Finals

Wed 3/6/19Open 1st Go$5,000 Novice Finals

Thu 3/7/19$15,000 Amateur 1st GoOpen Finals

Fri 3/8/19$2,000 Limit Rider 1st Go$15,000 Amateur Finals

Sat 3/9/19Senior Youth 1st GoJunior Youth 1st Go

Sun 3/10/19Junior Youth FinalsSenior Youth Finals$2,000 Limit Rider Finals

Mon 3/11/19$35,000 Non Pro 1st$35,000 Non Pro Finals

Tue 3/12/19$25,000 Novice Non Pro 1st

Wed 3/13/19$5,000 Novice Non Pro$25,000 Novice Non Pro Finals

Thu 3/14/19$50,000 Amateur 1st Go$5,000 Novice Non Pro Finals

Fri 3/15/19Non Pro FinalsNon Pro 1st Go$50,000 Amateur Finals

2019 Cattlemen's Derby Classic

Sun 3/3/195/6YO Open 1st Go

Mon 3/4/194YO Open 1st Go

Tue 3/5/195/6YO Open 2nd Go

Wed 3/6/194YO Open 2nd Go5/6YO Open Finals

Thu 3/7/195/6YO NP 1st Go4YO Open Finals

Fri 3/8/195/6YO NP Finals4YO Un Am 1st Go5/6YO Am 1st Go

Sat 3/9/194YO NP 1st Go5/6YO Un Am 1st Go4YO Am 1st Go

Sun 3/10/195/6YO Un Am Finals4YO NP Finals5/6YO Am Finals4YO Am Finals4YO Un Am Finals

2019 Arbuckle Futurity

Mon 2/18/194YO Open 1st Go

Tue 2/19/195/6YO Open 1st Go

Wed 2/20/194YO Open 2nd Go

Thu 2/21/195/6YO Open Finals4YO Open Finals5/6YO NP 1st Go4YO LTD Open Finals4YO NP 1st Go

Fri 2/22/194YO Un Am 1st Go5/6YO Am 1st Go4YO NP 2nd Go

Sat 2/23/195/6YO Un Am 1st Go4YO NP Finals5/6YO NP Finals4YO Am 1st Go

Sun 2/24/194YO Am Finals4YO Un Am Finals5/6YO Am Finals5/6YO Un Am Finals

2019 NRCHA Celebration Of Champions & WGH

Thu 2/14/19LAE Herd Work: All Open Divisions

Fri 2/15/19LAE Herd Work: Non Pro / Amt DivisionsLAE Herd Work: Non Pro Limited

Sat 2/16/19LAE Rein Work: All Open DivisionsLAE Rein Work: Non Pro Limited

Sun 2/17/19LAE Cow Work: Non Pro LimitedLAE Rein Work: Non Pro / Amt DivisionsLAE Cow Work: All Open Divisions

Mon 2/18/19Herd Work - Worlds Greatest HorsemanLAE Cow Work: Non Pro / Amt Divisions

Tue 2/19/19Rein Work - Worlds Greatest HorsemanHorse Show Classes -No Livescoring

Thu 2/21/19Steer Stopping - Worlds Greatest HorsemanYouth WGYH Steer StoppingCow Work - Worlds Greatest Horseman

Sat 2/23/19Youth WGYH Cow WorkYouth WGYH Herd WorkHerd Work Finals - Worlds Greatest HorsemanRein Work Finals - Worlds Greatest HorsemanSteer Stopping Finals - Worlds Greatest HorsemanCow Work Finals - Worlds Greatest Horseman SCORES HELD UNTIL AFTER COMPLETION OF ROUND

2019 Bonanza Cutting

Wed 2/6/195/6YO Open 1st Go

Thu 2/7/195/6YO Open 2nd Go

Fri 2/8/194YO Open 1st Go

Sat 2/9/195/6YO Open Finals

Sun 2/10/194YO Open 2nd Go

Mon 2/11/195/6YO NP 1st Go4YO Open Finals

Tue 2/12/195/6YO NP 2nd Go4YO NP 1st Go

Wed 2/13/195/6YO NP Finals4YO NP 2nd Go

Thu 2/14/194YO NP Finals4YO 50k Am 1st Go5/6YO 50k Am 1st Go

Fri 2/15/194YO Un Am 1st Go5/6YO Un Am 1st Go

Sat 2/16/195/6YO Un Am Finals4YO 50k Am Finals5/6YO 50k Am Finals4YO Un Am Finals

2019 Wildfire Roping

Thu 1/31/19Wildfire Roping XXI

2019 The Ike Derby & Classic

Fri 1/25/19NCHA Open #1 - $1,750NCHA NP #1 - $1,7504YO Open All Levels 1st Go

Sat 1/26/195/6YO Open All Levels GoNCHA Youth #1NCHA Open #2 - $1,750NCHA NP #2 - $1,750

Sun 1/27/19NCHA Youth #2NCHA NP #3 - $1,7504YO Open All Levels 2nd GoNCHA Open #3 - $1,750

Mon 1/28/194YO Open Finals5/6YO NP All Levels 1st Go5/6YO Open Finals4YO Ltd Open Finals

Tue 1/29/195/6YO Int Open Finals4YO Int Open Finals4YO NP All Levels 1st Go

Wed 1/30/195/6YO Lmt NP Finals5/6YO NP Finals4YO NP 2nd Go

Thu 1/31/194YO Am All Levels 1st Go5/6YO Int NP Finals4YO Lmt NP Finals

Fri 2/1/194YO Int NP Finals5/6YO Am All Levels 1st Go4YO NP Finals

Sat 2/2/195/6YO Lmt Am Finals4YO Am Finals5/6YO Am Finals4YO Int Am Finals5/6YO Int Am Finals


Sun 1/6/192019 Abilene Stallion Auction

2019 Abilene Spectacular

Fri 1/4/195/6 Year Old Open 1st Go4 Year Old Open 1st Go

Sun 1/6/195/6 Year Old Open 2nd Go

Mon 1/7/194 Year Old Open 2nd Go5/6YO Open Finals

Tue 1/8/195/6YO Non Pro 1st Go4YO Non Pro 1st Go4 Year Old Open Finals

Wed 1/9/195/6YO Non Pro 2nd Go4YO Non Pro 2nd Go

Thu 1/10/195/6YO Unlimited Amateur Finals5/6 Year Old Amateur4 Year Old Amateur5/6 Year Old Unlimited Amateur4 Year Old Unlimited Amateur

Western Bloodstock NCHA Futurity Sales 2018

Mon 12/3/18NCHA Futurity 2-Year-Old Sale – Session I

Tue 12/4/18NCHA Futurity 2-Year-Old Sale – Session II

Wed 12/5/18Preferred Breeders Sale, Evening SessionPreferred Breeders Sale Session I

Thu 12/6/18Preferred Breeders Sale Session II

Fri 12/7/18Preferred Breeders Sale Session III

Sat 12/8/18NCHA Futurity Cutting Horse Sale

2018 NCHA Mercuria World Finals

Fri 11/23/18Non Pro World Finals #1Open World Finals #1

Sat 11/24/18Non Pro World Finals #2Open World Finals #2

Wed 11/28/18$25,000 Novice - 1st Go $35,000 Non-Pro - 1st Go$5,000 Novice/NP - 1st Go$2,000 Limited Rider - 1st Go

Thu 11/29/18$5,000 Novice/NP - 2nd Go$25,000 Novice - 2nd Go$35,000 Non-Pro - 2nd Go$2,000 Limited Rider - 2nd GoNon Pro World Finals #3Open World Finals #3

Fri 11/30/18$5,000 Novice - 1st Go$50,000 Amateur - 1st Go$25,000 Novice/NP - 1st Go$15,000 Amateur - 1st Go

Sat 12/1/18Open World Finals #4$5,000 Novice - 2nd Go$50,000 Amateur - 2nd Go$25,000 Novice/NP - 2nd Go15,000 AMATEUR 2ND GONon Pro World Finals #4

2018 NCHA Futurity

Tue 11/13/18Open 1st Go

Tue 11/20/18Open 2nd Go

Fri 11/23/18Non Pro 1st Go

Tue 11/27/18Non Pro 2nd Go

Wed 11/28/18Limited Open Futurity Finals

Thu 11/29/18Amateur/UnLmt Amateur 1st Go


Mon 12/3/18Limited Non Pro Semi FinalsLimited Non Pro Finals

Tue 12/4/18Amateur - Semi-FinalsAmateur Finals

Wed 12/5/18Unlimited Amateur - Semi-Finals

Thu 12/6/18Non Pro Semi Finals



Sun 12/9/18Open Finals

2018 Waco TX Futurity

Tue 10/30/18NON PRO $1,000 Added #1NCHA OPEN $1,000 Added #1Open Derby 1st GoOpen Futurity 1st Go

Wed 10/31/18NCHA $1,000 Added Open #2Open Futurity 2nd GoOpen Classic 1st GoNon Pro $1,000 Added #2

Thu 11/1/18NCHA Open $1,000 Added #3Open Classic FINALSOpen Derby FINALSOpen Futurity FINALSNCHA NON PRO $1,000 ADDED #3

Fri 11/2/18Non Pro Futurity 1st GoNCHA $1,000 Added Open #4Non Pro Derby 1st GoNon Pro Classic 1st GoNCHA $1,000 Added Non Pro #4

Sat 11/3/18Non Pro Derby FINALSNon Pro Futurity 2nd GoUnltd Am & Am Derby 1st GoNon Pro Classic FINALSUnlimited Amateur FuturityUnltd Am & Am Classic 1st Go

Sun 11/4/18$50,000 Amateur Classic FINALSUnlimited Amateur Futurity 2nd GoUnlimited Amateur Classic FINALS$50,000 Amateur Derby FINALSUnlimited Amateur Derby FINALS

2018 Southern Cutting Futurity

Fri 10/19/18- NCHA WEEKEND SHOWS no livescoring

Sat 10/20/185/6 Year Old Open Go Round

Sun 10/21/184 Year Old Open go round

Mon 10/22/18OPEN CLASSIC CHALLENGE FINALSOpen Futurity 1st GoNon Pro Classic Challenge 1st Go

Tue 10/23/18Open Futurity 2nd Go4YO Open Finals4YO Non Pro 1st Go

Wed 10/24/185/6YO Non Pro FinalsOpen Futurity Finals4YO Non Pro Finals

Thu 10/25/185/6 Year Old $50K Amateur 1st GoNon Pro Futurity 1st Go4 Year Old Unlimited Amateur 1st Go

Fri 10/26/185/6YO Unlimited Amateur Go50K Derby Amateur

Sat 10/27/184 Yr Old Unlimited AMA Finals5/6 Yr Old Unlimited AMA Finals4 Yr Old 50,000 AMA Finals5/6 Yr Old 50,000 AMA Finals3YO Non Pro Futurity 2nd Go

2018 Western Bloodstock NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Sale

Fri 10/19/18NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Sale


Thu 10/18/18Non Pro Heading R2Open Heading R1Open Heading R2Open Heading R3Non Pro Heading Short GoOpen Heading Short GoNon Pro Heading R1

Fri 10/19/18Open Heeling R2Open Heeling R3Open Heeling Short GoOpen Heeling R1NP Heeling R1NP Heeling R2Non Pro Heeling Short Go



2018 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity - Justin Arena

Fri 10/12/18HS: Non Pro Limited / 5K NPL / SNPLHS: Open Two Rein

Sat 10/13/18HS: Open Bridle Preliminaries / IOB / LOB HS: Non Pro Two Rein

Sun 10/14/18Cow Work: Open Futurity Prelims

Mon 10/15/18Rein Work: Non Pro Limited FuturityHS: Open Bridle FinalsRein Work: Non Pro Futurity Prelims

Tue 10/16/18Non Pro Limited Hackamore ClassicNon Pro Hackamore Classic / NPHCow Work: Non Pro Limited FuturityCow Work: Non Pro Futurity Prelims


2018 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity - Will Rogers Arena

Sun 10/7/18Rein Work - ALL Open Divisions & L1

Tue 10/9/18Herd Work: Open /L1 Hackamore ClassicHerd Work: ALL Open Divisions & L1

Fri 10/12/18Herd Work: Non Pro Limited Hackamore ClassicHerd Work: Non Pro Limited FuturityHerd Work: Non Pro Hackamore ClassicHerd Work: Non Pro Futurity Prelims

Sat 10/13/18HS: Youth BridleHS: Youth LimitedHS: 1K Non Pro Limited / SNPL

Sun 10/14/18AQHA Ranching Heritage NO LIVESCORING

Wed 10/17/18Open Hackamore Classic / OH Prelims / IOH / LOH

Thu 10/18/18Finals Herd Work: Non ProFinals Herd Work: Intermediate / Limited and Open

Fri 10/19/18Finals Cow Work: Non ProHS: Open Hackamore FinalsFinals Rein Work Intermediate / Limited and OpenFinals Rein Work: Non Pro

Sat 10/20/18Finals Rein Work: OpenFinals Cow Work: Intermediate / Limited and Open

PCCHA Holy Cow Performance Horses Futurity

Thu 10/4/18Open Cutting Stakes 1st GoOpen Classic/Challenge 1st Go

Fri 10/5/18Open Cutting Stakes 2nd Go (IM 1st Go)

Sat 10/6/18Open Futurity 1st Go

Sun 10/7/18Open Classic/Challenge 2nd Go (IM 1st Go) Trainers Gold Open Intermediate Derby Finals

Mon 10/8/18Open Futurity 2nd Go (IM 1st Go)Open Classic/Challenge Finals

Tue 10/9/18NP Classic/Challenge 1st GoOpen Cutting Stakes FinalsNon Pro Futurity 1 Go OnlyNP Cutting Stakes 1st GoCarol Ward Cutting Horses Intermediate Futurity Finals

Wed 10/10/18Unlimited Am/$100K Futurity GoOpen Intermediate Classic/Challenge FinalsNP Classic/Challenge 2nd Go (IM 1st Go))Unlimited Am Derby / The Golden’s Derby Go

Thu 10/11/18NP Cutting Stakes 2nd Go / (IM 1st Go)Unlimited Am 5/6 YO GoNon Pro Classic / Challenge FinalsUnlimited Amateur Any Age Go

Fri 10/12/18Non Pro Cutting Stakes Finals$100,000 Amateur 5/6 Year Old Go$100,000 Amateur Derby GoNon Pro Int. Classic Challenge FinalsOpen Futurity Finals

Sat 10/13/18Purina $35K InvitationalYouth Invitational SeniorPurina $15K Amateur$100K Amateur Classic Challenge FinalsClassic Challenge Unlimited AM FinalsYouth Invitational JuniorUnlimited Am Any Age FinalsDerby Unlimited Am Finals

2018 Brazos Bash

Wed 9/19/185/6 yr Open 1st Go

Thu 9/20/183 yr Open 1st Go

Fri 9/21/184 yr Open 1st Go

Sat 9/22/183 yr Open 2nd Go5/6 yr Open 2nd Go

Sun 9/23/184 yr Open 2nd Go3 yr Open Finals

Mon 9/24/183 Yr Non-Pro 1st Go5/6 yr Open Finals4 yr Open Finals

Tue 9/25/185/6 Yr Non-Pro 1st Go

Wed 9/26/184 yr Non-Pro 1st Go3 Yr Non-Pro 2nd Go

Thu 9/27/184 Yr Non-Pro 2nd Go5/6 Yr Non-Pro 2nd Go

Fri 9/28/184 yr Amateur 1st Go4 Yr Non-Pro Finals5/6 Yr Non-Pro Finals

Sat 9/29/185/6 Yr Amateur 1st Go

Sun 9/30/184 Yr $50,000 Amateur Finals4 Yr Unlimited Amateur Finals5/6 Yr $50,000 Amateur Finals5/6 Yr Unlimited Amateur Finals

2018 El Rancho Futurity

Fri 9/7/18NCHA Open #1 - $1000 AddedNCHA Non-Pro #1 - $1000 AddedNCHA $50,000 Am #1 - $1000 Added

Sat 9/8/184 Open 1st Go5‐6 Open

Sun 9/9/18SR YOUTH NCHA $50,000 Am - $1000 AddedNCHA Non-Pro #2 - $1000 AddedJUNIOR YOUTH5-6 Open 2nd Go4 Open 2nd GoNCHA Open #2 - $1000 Added

Mon 9/10/18NCHA $50,000 Am #3 - $1000 AddedNCHA Open #3 - $1000 Added4 Open FinalsNCHA Non-Pro #3 - $1000 Added5-6 Open Finals3 Open 1st Go

Tue 9/11/183 Open 2nd Go / Intermediate 1st Go/1st Go4 Non-Pro 1st Go5-6 Non-Pro 1st GoNCHA Non-Pro #4 - $1000 AddedNCHA $50,000 Am #4 - $1000 AddedNCHA Open #4 - $1000 Added

Wed 9/12/18Intermediate Open Futurity FinalsAUS vs USA Round 14 Unlimited Am 1st Go5-6 Non-Pro 2nd Go5-6 Unlimited Am 1st Go4 Non-Pro 2nd Go

Thu 9/13/18Mercuria Open 1st GoMercuria Non-Pro 1st GoAUS vs USA Round 25-6 Non-Pro Finals4 Non-Pro Finals3 Open Finals

Fri 9/14/184 Unlimited Am Finals3 Non-Pro/3 UA 1st Go5-6 $200K 1st Go5-6 $50 Am 1st GoMercuria Non-Pro FinalsMercuria Open Finals

Sat 9/15/184 $50K Am 1st Go3 Non-Pro 2nd Go /3 $50k 1st Go4 $200K 1st Go3 $50K Am Finals5-6 Unlimited Am Finals5-6 $50K Am FinalsAUS vs USA Final Round

Sun 9/16/183 Non-Pro Finals4 $50K Am Finals3 Unlimited Am Finals4 $200K Finals5-6 $200K Finals

2018 Cotton Stakes

Sun 9/2/185/6 yr old Open Go

Mon 9/3/185/6 yr old Open Finals4 yr old Open Go

Tue 9/4/185/6 yr old Intermediate Open Finals5/6 yr old Limited Open Finals3 yr old Open Go4 yr old Open Finals

Wed 9/5/184 yr old Limited Open Finals4 yr old Intermediate Open Finals5/6 yr old Non Pro go 3 yr old Open 2nd go

Thu 9/6/184 yr old Non Pro Go 3 yr old Open Finals5/6 yr old Non Pro Finals3yr old Non Pro Go

Fri 9/7/184 yr old Amateur Go 3 yr old Limited Open Finals5/6 yr old Intermediate Non Pro Finals3 yr old Intermediate Open Finals4 yr old Non Pro Finals5/6 yr old Limited Non Pro Finals

Sat 9/8/184 yr old Intermediate Non Pro Finals4 yr old Limited Non Pro Finals3YO Non Pro 2nd Go5/6YO Amateur 1st Go4 yr old Amateur Finals

Sun 9/9/185/6 yr old Limited Amateur Finals5/6 yr old Intermediate Amateur Finals4yr old Intermediate Amateur Finals5/6 yr old Amateur Finals

2018 Idaho Futurity

Sat 8/25/184 Open +10K Novice 1st Go

Sun 8/26/183YO Open 1st Go5/6YO Open 1st Go

Mon 8/27/184YO Open 2nd Go5/6YO Open 2nd Go

Tue 8/28/183YO Open 2nd Go4YO Open 10K Novice Finals5/6YO Open Finals

Wed 8/29/185/6YO Non Pro 1st Go3YO Open Finals4YO Open Finals$50,000 Amateur 1st go3YO Open Intermediate Finals

Thu 8/30/184YO 50K Amateur5/6YO Unlimited Amateur4YO Non Pro 1st Go3YO Unlimited Amateur3YO Non Pro 1st Go

Fri 8/31/185/6YO Non Pro 2nd Go4YO Derby Non Pro 2nd GoMERCURIA OPEN 1st GoMERCURIA NON PRO 1st Go

Sat 9/1/185/6YO 50K Amateur4YO Unlimited AmateurMercuria Non Pro Finals50,000 Amateur Finals3YO Non Pro 2nd GoMercuria Open Finals


2018 Cascades Futurity

Thu 8/9/18Classic Challenge Open 1st

Fri 8/10/18Derby Open 1st GoFuturity Open 1st Go

Sat 8/11/18Derby Open 2nd GoClassic Challenge Open 2nd Go

Sun 8/12/18Derby IM FinalsClassic Challenge IM Open FinalsFuturity Open 2nd Go

Mon 8/13/18Derby Open FinalsClassic Challenge Open FinalsFuturity Open FinalsFuturity IM Open Finals

Tue 8/14/18Derby UnAm Go roundFuturity NP 1st GoDerby Lmtd NP Go OnlyClassic Challenge NP 1st GoClassic Challenge Lmtd NP Go Only

Wed 8/15/18Futurity NP 2nd GoDerby 50K Am Go onlyClassic Challenge $50K AM Go OnlyDerby NP 1st GoClassic Challenge NP 2nd Go

Thu 8/16/18Classic Challenge UnAm Go RoundCoyote Rock Ranch Year Of The Amateur ShootoutDerby NP 2nd Go

Fri 8/17/18Classic Challenge UnAm Finals

2018 NYCHA Switch House Ranch Scholarship Cutting

Mon 7/23/18Junior Youth Scholarship 1st Go

Tue 7/24/18Senior Youth Scholarship 1st Go

Fri 7/27/18Junior Youth Scholarship FinalsSenior Youth Scholarship Finals

2018 NCHA Youth World Finals

Mon 7/23/18Junior Youth WF 1st GoSenior Youth WF 1st Go

Wed 7/25/18Senior Youth WF 2nd GoJunior Youth WF 2nd Go

Fri 7/27/18Junior Youth WF 3rd/FinalsSenior Youth WF 3rd/Finals

2018 Western Bloodstock Mid Year Cutting Horse Sale

Sat 7/21/18Western Bloodstock Mid-Year Cutting Horse Sale

2018 NCHA Summer Spectacular

Sun 7/15/18Open CL/CH 1st Go

Tue 7/17/18Open CL/CH 2nd GoLimited Open CL/CH Finals

Wed 7/18/18Non Pro & Lmtd CL/CH 1st Go

Thu 7/19/18Non Pro CL/CH 2nd GoLimited Non Pro CL/CH Finals

Fri 7/20/18Am/Un Amateur Derby 1st

Sat 7/21/18Open CL/CH Finals

Sun 7/22/18Am/Un Amateur CL/CH 1st GoNon Pro CL/CH Finals

Wed 7/25/18Unlimited Amateur CL/CH Semi-Finals

Thu 7/26/18Amateur CL/CH FinalsAmateur Derby FinalsUnlimited Amateur Derby Finals

Fri 7/27/18Unlimited Amateur CL/CH Finals

Sat 7/28/18Open Derby 1st Go

Mon 7/30/18Open Derby 2nd Go

Tue 7/31/18Non Pro & Lmtd Derby 1st Go

Wed 8/1/18Limited Open Derby Finals

Thu 8/2/18Non Pro Derby 2nd Go

Fri 8/3/18Non Pro Derby Semi-Finals

Sat 8/4/18Lmtd. Non Pro Derby FinalsOpen Derby Semi-Finals

Sun 8/5/18Non Pro Derby FinalsOpen Derby Finals

2018 NCHA Western Nationals

Sat 6/23/18Junior Youth 1st GoJunior Youth FinalsSenior Youth FinalsSenior Youth 1st Go$25,000 Novice 1st Go

Sun 6/24/18$5,000 Novice 1st Go$25,000 Novice Finals

Mon 6/25/18$5,000 Novice Finals$2,000 LR 1st GoOpen 1st Go

Tue 6/26/18Open Finals$2,000 LR Finals$50,000 Amateur 1st Go

Wed 6/27/18$15,000 Amateur 1st Go$35,000 NP 1st Go

Thu 6/28/18$35,000 NP Finals$50,000 Amateur Finals$5,000 N/NP 1st Go$15,000 Amateur Finals

Fri 6/29/18Non-Pro 1st Go$25,000 Novice/NP 1st Go

Sat 6/30/18Non-Pro Finals$25,000 Novice/NP Finals$5,000 N/NP Finals


Sun 6/10/18HS Herd Work: Non Pro Two Rein SpectacularHS Rein / Cow: Youth Limited Spec / Youth Limited / AQHA Youth BoxingHS Herd Work: Non Pro Bridle SpectacularHS Rein / Cow: Youth Bridle Spec / Youth Bridle / AQHA Youth WCHHS Rein / Cow: Non Pro Two Rein Spec / Non Pro Two Rein / AQHA AmateurHS Herd Work: Youth Bridle / Youth Limited SpectacularHS Rein / Cow: Non Pro Bridle Spec / NPB / INPB / NNPB / SNPB AQHA WCH

Mon 6/11/18LAE Rein Work: All Non Pro DivisionsLAE Rein Work: All Open Divisions

Tue 6/12/18LAE Herd Work: All Open DivisionsLAE Herd Work: Non Pro Limited

Wed 6/13/18HS Rein / Cow: Open / Intermediate Open / Limited Open Bridle / AQHA SRLAE Herd Work: All Non Pro DivisionsLAE Rein Work: Non Pro LimitedHS Herd Work:  Open Two Rein Spectacular

Thu 6/14/18HS Rein / Cow: Open / Intermediate / Limited Open Hackamore / AQHA JRHS Rein / Cow: Open Two Rein Spectacular / OTR / AQHA SRLAE Cow Work: All Non Pro DivisionsLAE Cow Work: Non Pro LimitedLAE Cow Work: All Open Divisions

Fri 6/15/18LAE Finals Herd Work:  Open Divisions (O / IO / LO)Cow Work: Open / Intermediate Open Bridle SpectacularHerd Work: Open / Intermediate Open Bridle SpectacularRein Work: Open / Intermediate Open Bridle SpectacularLAE Finals Herd Work: Non Pro Divisions (NP / INP / NNP)

Sat 6/16/18LAE Finals Cow Work: Non Pro Divisions (NP / INP / NNP)HS Rein / Cow: Non Pro Hackamore / AQHA AM WCHHS Rein / Cow: $1K Non Pro Limited / SNPL ** / AQHA BoxingLAE Finals Rein Work:  Open Divisions (O / IO / LO)LAE Finals Rein Work: Non Pro Divisions (NP / INP / NNP)LAE Finals Cow Work:  Open Divisions (O / IO / LO)

Sun 6/17/18HS Rein / Cow: Non Pro Limited Spectacular / NPL / 5kNPL / SNPL ** / AQ BXHerd Work: Non Pro Limited Spectacular

PCCHA Core Balance Derby 2018

Fri 6/8/18Open Classic / Challenge 1st GoOpen Derby 1st Go (Fri/Sat)

Sat 6/9/18Open Classic / Challenge 2nd Go

Sun 6/10/18Non-Pro Classic / Challenge 1st GoOpen Derby 2nd GoNon-Pro Derby 1st Go

Mon 6/11/18Non-Pro Classic / Challenge 2nd GoNon-Pro Derby 2nd GoPCCHA OPEN #1PCCHA $50k Am #1PCCHA Non Pro #1

Tue 6/12/18$50K Classic / Challenge GoUnlimited Am Derby GoNCHA OPEN #2NCHA Non Pro #2

Wed 6/13/18Intermediate Open Derby Finals$50K Derby GoIntermediate Open 5/6 FinalsNCHA $50,000 #2Unlimited Am Classic / Challenge GoIntermediate NP Derby Finals

Thu 6/14/18NCHA $50,000 #3Unlimited Am Any Age GoIntermediate NP 5/6 FinalsNCHA Non Pro #3NCHA OPEN #3

Fri 6/15/18Mercuria Non Pro 1st GoOpen Derby FinalsOpen Classic/Challenge FinalsMercuria OPEN 1st Go

Sat 6/16/18Non-Pro Classic / Challenge FinalsMercuria Non Pro FinalsUnlimited Am Derby Finals$50K Amateur Derby FinalsNP Derby FinalsMercuria OPEN Finals$50K Amateur Classic / Challenge FinalsUnlimited Am Classic / Challenge FinalsUnlimited Am Any Aged Finals

The Non Pro + Open 2018

Fri 6/8/18NCHA OP $2000 Add 1NCHA SR Youth 1NCHA NP $2000 Add 1NCHA JR Youth 1NCHA $50k Am 1st Go

Sat 6/9/185/6 YO 50K Am 1st Go$35k NP 1st GoNCHA Open $1000 AddedNCHA Non-Pro $1000 AddedSR Select Am 1st Go

Sun 6/10/184 YO 50K Am 1st Go5/6 YO Am Finals$35k NP FinalsSR Select Am Finals$25K Novice Non-Pro $2750 added

Mon 6/11/18NCHA NP $2000 Add 2$15k Am 1st Go5/6 YO Un Am 1st GoNCHA OP $2000 Add 2

Tue 6/12/184 YO 50K Am Finals5/6 YO Un Am Finals$15k Am Finals4 YO Un Am 1st Go

Wed 6/13/18ShootoutNCHA $25k NV $27504 YO Un Am Finals4 YO NP 1st Go

Thu 6/14/185/6 YO NP 1st Go4 YO NP FinalsNCHA OP $2000 AddNCHA NP $2000 Add

Fri 6/15/184 YO OP 1st Go5/6 YO NP Finals

Sat 6/16/18NCHA OP $2750 Add4 YO LTD OP Finals$2k LTD Rider 1st GoNCHA NP $2750 Add5/6 YO OP 1st Go

Sun 6/17/184 YO OP Finals5/6 YO OP Finals$2K Limit Rider FinalsNCHA JR YouthNCHA SR Youth5/6 YO LTD OP Finals

Australian NCHA Futurity 2018


Wed 5/30/18OPEN FUTURITY (GR 2)



Sat 6/2/18FINAL Non Pro Snafflebit FuturityOPEN CLASSIC FINALSFINAL Snafflebit Futurity









Breeder's Invitational 2018

Sat 5/12/185/6 YO Open 1st Go

Mon 5/14/185/6 YO Open 2nd Go

Tue 5/15/185/6 YO NP & LTD NP 1st Go5/6 YO Open Finals

Wed 5/16/185/6 YO Am & Un Am 1st Go5/6 YO NP & LTD NP 2nd Go

Fri 5/18/184 YO Am & Un Am 1st Go5/6 YO LTD NP Finals

Sat 5/19/184 YO Am Finals5/6 YO Un Am Finals4 YO Un Am Finals5/6 YO Am Finals5/6 YO NP Finals

Sun 5/20/184 YO OP & NV OP 1st Go

Tue 5/22/184 YO OP & NV OP 2nd Go

Wed 5/23/184 YO NP/NV NP/LTD NP 1st Go

Thu 5/24/184 YO 10K NV OP Finals

Fri 5/25/184 YO NP/NV NP/LTD NP 2nd Go4 YO OP Wild Card4 YO NP Wild Card

Sat 5/26/18Derby NP 10K FinalsDerby NP Lmtd FinalsDerby Open FinalsDerby NP finals

North Star

Thu 4/5/18SDM Quarter Horses $5,000 Novice

Fri 4/6/18Riverina Stockfeeds OpenCutting Horse Central Open Classic ChallengeDave Rogan Saddlery Novice Non ProRookies

Sat 4/7/18Snaffle Bit$7,500 Non ProCutting Horse Central Open Classic Challenge FinalSunkissed Quarter Horse Stud Open Non ProKatie B Western Wear and The Cowboy’s Closet Non Pro Classic Challenge

Sun 4/8/18Youth$15,000 Non ProWestvets Animal Hospital and Equine Reproductions Centre $15,000 NoviceKatie B Western Wear and The Cowboy’s Closet Non Pro Classic Challenge Final

NCHA Super Stakes 2018

Thu 3/29/18Open /Lmtd 5/6YO 1st Go

Sat 3/31/18Open 5/6YO Classic 2nd Go

Sun 4/1/18Open 5/6YO Classic Finals

Mon 4/2/18Non Pro/Lmtd 5/6YO Classic 1st Go

Wed 4/4/18Limited Open Classic FinalsNon Pro Classic 2nd Go

Thu 4/5/18Amateur/UnLmt Amt Classic - 1st Go

Sun 4/8/18Amateur/UnLmt Amt 4YO - 1st Go

Tue 4/10/18Non Pro Limited Classic FinalsAmateur/UnLmt Amt Classic - SEMI FINALS

Wed 4/11/18Classic Unlmtd Amateur FinalsSuper Stakes Amateur FinalsSuper Stakes Unlmtd Amateur Finals

Thu 4/12/18Classic Amateur FinalsNon Pro Classic FinalsOpen Super Stakes 1st Go

Sun 4/15/18Open Super Stakes 2nd Go

Mon 4/16/18Limited Open Super Stakes Finals

Tue 4/17/18Non-Pro/Limited 1st Go

Thu 4/19/18Non-Pro Super Stakes 2nd Go

Fri 4/20/18Non Pro Super Stakes SEMIFINALS

Sat 4/21/18Open Super Stakes SEMIFINALSLimited Non Pro Super Stakes Finals

Sun 4/22/18Non Pro Super Stakes FinalsOpen Super Stakes Finals

NRCHA Stallion Stakes - Priefert Arena

Wed 3/28/18Herd Work: Non Pro Bridle SpectacularHerd Work - Non Pro Two Rein Spectacular

Thu 3/29/18Herd Work:  Open /Int Open Bridle SpectacularHerd Work: Non Pro Limited Spectacular

Fri 3/30/18LAE Finals Herd Work:  Non Pro Divisons LAE Finals Herd Work:  Open Divisions

Sat 3/31/18Herd Work: Youth Bridle/ Limited Spectacular

NRCHA Stallion Stakes - Main Arena

Sat 3/24/18Open Rein Work LAE

Sun 3/25/18Open Herd Work LAE

Mon 3/26/18Open Two Rein Spectacular - Herd WorkLimited NP Herd Work LAELAE Herd Work - All Non Pro Divisions

Tue 3/27/18LAE Rein Work - All Non Pro DivisionsOpen Bridle /Int Open Bridle / Limited Open Bridle / AQHA SROpen Two Rein Spectacular / Open Two Rein / AQ SR Rein / CowLimited NP Rein Work LAE

Wed 3/28/18Limited NP - Cow Work LAE Cow Work - All Open DivisionsLAE Cow Work - All Non Pro Divisions

Thu 3/29/18Rein / Cow: Non Pro Two Rein Spectacular / NPTR / AQ AMOpen Hackamore /Int Open Hackamore / Ltd Open Hackamore / AQ JRRein / Cow: Non Pro Bridle Spec / NPB /INPB / NNPB / SNPB / AQ AM

Fri 3/30/18Cow Work: Open /Int Open Bridle SpectacularRein / Cow: Non Pro Limited Spectacular / NPL / 5kNPL / AQ BX **Non Pro Hackamore / AQHA AMRein Work: Open /Int Open Bridle Spectacular

Sat 3/31/18$1K Non Pro Limited / AQ BX **Youth Limited / YL 13 and Under / AQ YBXYouth Bridle / YB 13 and Under / AQ YWCHLAE Finals Cow Work:  Non ProLAE Finals Cow Work:  OpenLAE Finals Rein Work: OpenLAE Finals Rein Work: Non Pro

NCHA Eastern Nationals

Mon 3/5/18$25,000 Novice 1st Go

Tue 3/6/18$25,000 Novice Finals$5,000 Novice 1st Go

Wed 3/7/18$5,000 Novice FinalsNCHA Open 1st Go

Thu 3/8/18$15,000 Amateur 1st GoOpen Finals

Fri 3/9/18$15,000 Amateur FinalsYouth Team Cutting$2,000 Limit Rider

Sat 3/10/18Junior Youth 1st GoYouth Grand EntrySenior Youth 1st Go

Sun 3/11/18Senior Youth FinalsJunior Youth Finals$2,000 Limit Rider Finals

Mon 3/12/18$35,000 Non Pro Finals$35,000 Non Pro 1st Go

Tue 3/13/18$25,000 Nov. Non Pro 1st Go

Wed 3/14/18$25,000 Nov. Non Pro Finals$5,000 Nov. Non Pro 1st Go

Thu 3/15/18$50,000 Amateur 1st Go$5,000 Nov. Non Pro Finals

Fri 3/16/18Non Pro Finals$50,000 Amateur FinalsNon Pro 1st Go

Cattlemens Derby & Classic 2018

Mon 3/5/184YO Open 1st Go5/6YO Open 1ST GO

Tue 3/6/185/6YO Open 2nd Go

Wed 3/7/185/6YO Open FinalsOpen 4YO 2nd Go

Thu 3/8/18Open 4YO FinalsNon Pro 5/6YO 1st Go

Fri 3/9/185/6YO Amateur 1st Go4YO Unlimited Amateur 1st Go5/6YO Non Pro Finals

Sat 3/10/184YO Amateur 1st Go4YO Non Pro 1st Go5/6YO Unlimited Amateur 1st Go

Sun 3/11/184YO Unlimited Amateur Finals5/6YO Amateur Finals4YO Amateur Finals5/6 YO Unlimited Amateur Finals4YO Non Pro Finals

Arbuckle Mountain Futurity 2018

Mon 2/19/184YO Open 1st Go

Tue 2/20/185/6YO Open 1st Go

Wed 2/21/184YO Open 2nd Go5/6YO Open Finals4YO LMTD OPEN FINALS

Thu 2/22/184YO Non Pro 1st Go4YO Open Finals5/6YO Non Pro 1st Go

Fri 2/23/184YO Non Pro 2nd Go5/6YO 50K Amateur 1st Go4YO Unlimited Amateur 1st Go

Sat 2/24/185/6YO Unlimited Amateur 1st Go5/6YO Non Pro Finals4YO 50K Amateur4YO Non Pro Finals

Sun 2/25/184YO Unlimited Amateur Finals5/6YO 50K Amateur Finals4YO 50K Amateur Finals5/6YO Unlimited Amateur Finals

Mercuria WSOC - Mane Event V

Fri 2/16/18Open Mercuria 1st GoNon Pro Mercuria 1st Go

Sat 2/17/18Open Mercuria FinalsNon Pro Mercuria FinalsMercuria Finals start 5pm PacificAMATEUR BLOWOUT

NRCHA Celebration Of Champions

Fri 2/9/18LAE Rein Work: Limited Non ProLAE Rein Work: Non Pro / Amt DivisionsLAE Rein Work: Open Divisions

Sat 2/10/18LAE Herd Work: Open DivisionsLAE Herd Work: Non Pro / Amt DivisionsLAE Herd Work: Limited Non Pro

Sun 2/11/18WGH: Herd WorkLAE Cow Work: Limited Non ProLAE Cow Work: Non Pro / Amt Divisions

Mon 2/12/18LAE Cow Work: Open Divisions

Tue 2/13/18WGH: Rein Work

Thu 2/15/18WGH: Cow WorkWGH: Steer Stopping

Fri 2/16/18See For Scores

Sat 2/17/18WGH Finals: CowWGH Finals: HerdWGH Finals: ReinWGH Finals: Steer StoppingWGH - Herd Work Finals 3pm (CST) Start

Bonanza Cutting 2018

Wed 2/7/18Open 5/6YO 1st Go

Thu 2/8/18Open 5/6YO 2nd Go

Fri 2/9/18Open 4YO 1st Go

Sat 2/10/18Open 5/6YO Finals

Sun 2/11/18Open 4YO 2nd Go

Mon 2/12/18Open 4YO FinalsNon Pro 5/6YO 1st Go

Tue 2/13/18Non Pro 5/6YO 2nd GoNon Pro 4YO 1st Go

Wed 2/14/18Non Pro 4YO 2nd GoNon Pro 5/6YO Finals

Thu 2/15/18Non Pro 4YO FinalsAMATEUR 50K 4YOAMATEUR 50K 5/6YO

Fri 2/16/18UN Amateur 5/6YO 1st GoUN Amateur 4YO 1st Go


The Ike Derby & Classic 2018

Fri 1/26/18NCHA Non Pro #1NCHA Open #1

Sat 1/27/18NCHA Open #2YouthNCHA Non Pro #24YO Open Derby 1st Go

Sun 1/28/18NCHA Non Pro #35/6YO Open Classic 1st GoYouth #2NCHA Open #3

Mon 1/29/184YO Open 2nd GoOpen 5/6YO 2nd Go

Tue 1/30/18NCHA Open #4Open 4YO Derby FinalsOpen 5/6YO Classic FinalsNCHA Non Pro #4

Wed 1/31/18Non Pro 4YO 1st GoNCHA Open #5NCHA Non Pro #5Non Pro 5/6YO 1st Go

Thu 2/1/184YO Non Pro 2nd Go5/6YO Non Pro 2nd Go

Fri 2/2/185/6YO Non Pro Finals5/6YO Amateur/ Un Am. 1st Go4YO Amateur/ Un. Am 1st Go4YO Non Pro Finals

Sat 2/3/185/6YO 50K Amateur Finals4YO 50K Amateur Finals5/6YO Un Amateur Finals4YO Un Amateur Finals

Abilene Spectacular 2018

Wed 1/3/185/6YO Open 1st Go4YO Open 1st Go

Thu 1/4/185/6YO Open 2nd Go

Fri 1/5/184YO Open 2nd Go

Sat 1/6/185/6YO Open Finals4YO Open Finals4YO Amateur Go5/6YO Amateur Go

Sun 1/7/185/6YO Unlimited Amateur Go4YO Unlimited Amateur Go4YO Amateur Finals5/6YO Amateur Finals4YO Unlimited Amateur Finals5/6YO Unlimited Amateur Finals

Mon 1/8/185/6YO Non Pro 1st Go4YO Non Pro 1st Go

Tue 1/9/185/6YO Non Pro Finals4YO Non Pro Finals5/6YO Non Pro 2nd Go4YO Non Pro 2nd Go